Custom Instruments by Geoff Benge

Custom Lucite Instruments

Custom Mahogany Baritone Guitar

Custom Mahogany Baritone Guitar for Nicholas Tremulis. Click here to see Nick playing the Baritone with the Darryl Jones Project at Park West in Chicago.

Custom Lichtenberg Lucite Instruments

These custom lucite instruments have been irradiated with 4.5 million volts of electricity in a particle accelerator. The “Lichtenberg Figures” are unique, fractal-like patterns created by the passage of high voltage electrical discharges through these electrically insulating (and bulletproof) lucite instruments. Special thanks to Bryan L Peterson and friends at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

Custom Hollow Body Aluminum P-Bass

This is a custom aluminum P-Bass made for Darren Hooper. Geoff Benge designed this aluminum hollow body bass chambered with twin truss rods in a wooden skeleton. The wooden skeleton is cut away so that it only makes contact at the edges so the body is free to resonate with a Piezo pickup under the bridge.

Custom Resonator Instruments

Custom 12-String Baritone Guitar

These custom 12-string baritone guitars were made for Tim Midyett. Click here to see Tim and a custom baritone in action.

Custom Guitars by Geoff Benge