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For more than 35 years, beginners, professionals, hobbyists and collectors have counted on Geoff Benge to keep their instruments in top shape. Geoff is now offering his expertise to students who are interested in learning about the guitar and how to maintain the instrument for optimal performance. Geoff takes students through the evolution of the guitar to the details and mechanics that contribute to the instrument’s best tone and playability. Students can expect to learn how to assess and maintain their guitars as they dive into the details with with Geoff. Each course is a four-part seminar and workshop. Students meet at Geoff Benge’s Guitar Shop once a week from 7:00 to 9:30. Please see our calendar below for the class schedule. Space is limited to encourage one-on-one time with Geoff - only 4 spaces are available in each course! Click on a course below to enroll.

Rethinking the Guitar: Hands-On Workshop with Geoff Benge
399.00 450.00

This 4-part August course is a hands-on workshop where the student will learn how set-up and dress the frets on their acoustic and electric guitar. Students will also learn how to maintain their guitars and will gain insight into the mechanics, details and history that will inform the student when assessing, purchasing, and even playing their instrument. Students are encouraged to bring a functional acoustic and electric guitar, though other instruments can be considered at the time of enrollment. Materials including tools and strings will be provided. Space is limited to support an intimate setting where students will learn and apply techniques on their own instruments as well as assessing and discussing the unique issues of other student’s instruments. August classes will be held from 2:30 to 5:00 every Sunday at Geoff Benge’s Guitar Shop.

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